Death Is Elsewhere

It was in the moment of death that Ader encountered his absolute truth. Nothing is as unmediated as the end of life. It is the only event one faces absolutely alone. Death's truth is the unknown, and for most it is experienced--before one's own--through others. One watches life expire, one observes the pain, anguish, or resolve that marks someone else's last moments. The liminal point demarcating being and non-being is a knowledge that is singular. It is never passed on, never acrues meaning through interpretation or dissemination. In whatever happened to Ader in the waters of the North Atlantic--perhaps, as his mother envisioned, rocked gently in the waves--he discovered truth as such, and in the process also made "In Search of the Miraculous" unrepresentable. Remnants like the battered Ocean Wave provided testament to the journey but nothing of the art, which rested in Ader's person, his presence, and now his aura. ~Alexander Dumbadz

Matty Davis