Created and performed by Matty Davis and Ben Gould. Duration variable. 2017 - present.

Emerging from new, evolving conditions of their bodies,
Matty Davis and Ben Gould engage physicalized forms of resistance
and balance that confound care, provocation, and necessity, inducing a slow evaporation of control.  

 Carriage is a site-responsive performance radically explores control and empathy, motored in part by the raw energy of Gould’s Tourette Syndrome. This performance by Davis and Gould is informed by evolving senses of the body - injury, trauma, healing, and growth - and offers a unique opportunity to create a work that draws from the variance of their distinct physicalities. The result is an intense, viscerally and sonically charged experience, where empathy is a physical tool, resistance offers stability, and we are all cast out into a space that levels us, brings us real fear, awakening, new vocabularies and physical structures.

Carriage has been workshopped at Judson Church, the Watermill Center, the Edward F. Albee Foundation, and the Philadelphia School. It was supported through a residency at the Kickstarter Headquarters in NYC.