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Created and performed by Matty Davis and Bryan Saner. ~ 40 minutes. 2017 to present.  

wood bone mill is a site-specific performance created and performed by Matty Davis and Bryan Saner. It has something to do with age and growing and dying, using limbs to traverse the space between; it has something to do with home; with the vertical, reverting to the horizontal, the ground, the site of nourishment and disintegration. 

Past performances of "wood bone mill" took place January 13/14, when the ground was frozen, the tree skeletal, and fires provided necessary warmth; as well as October 13/14, on an immaculate Chicago autumnal evening, and then amidst a downpour with Bryan’s son Jake having flown in from New York City. 

The body of this work can be fulfilled only in time. The work's location under and in the Mulberry tree is shaped by time, responds to time, as our own bodies do and will have to. This spring performance, as well as one in summer, remains.